Case Study: How Digital Marketing "Moved the Needle"

How Digital Marketing Worked for a San Diego Acupuncture Clinic


On February 1, 2017, Left Lane Digital took over Husami Integrative Acupuncture’s digital marketing services, including search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, Facebook, Instagram, photography and videography.
As you can see in the chart below, since signing on with Left Lane Digital in February, the San Diego acupuncture clinic’s average monthly appointments increased from 59 per month to 76 per month. Read on to find out how. 

Facebook Marketing


We began Facebook marketing for Husami Integrative Acupuncture on the 1st of February. As most people know by now, Facebook has made it increasingly more difficult to reach people organically, meaning that businesses usually need to pay Facebook to get any attention to their page. 
However, we proved that even with a small budget, it is possible to see traction on Facebook. With only $20 of Facebook ad spend, we were able to reach 3,391 unique users in February vs. 36 unique users in January (before Left Lane Digital took over). As you can see in the chart below, impressions (views) also increased from 70 in January to 6,102 in February. 
How did we do this? So glad you asked. Keep reading.

Facebook Videos


One of the best ways to reach people organically on Facebook is through videos. Studies show that 4X as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it. Facebook is trying to compete with YouTube, so if you create an engaging video and upload it directly into Facebook (rather than sharing a YouTube link), Facebook is more likely to show the video to more people. 
We made a short video on cupping therapy and uploaded it to Husami Integrative Acupuncture’s Facebook page. Before putting any money towards “boosting” the post, we let it gain traction organically. Within one day, the video reached 1,046 people organically and had 42 likes. 
We then boosted the video for $10 to a targeted local audience. After the boost, the video reached a total of 2,831 people and received 61 likes, comments and shares. The link to’s blog on cupping was also clicked 12 times from the post.   

Other Facebook Content


In addition to aiming for at least one video per month on Facebook, we also posted links to Husami Integrative Acupuncture’s blog, tips on healthy living, interesting industry-related articles, photos of the acupuncturist and treatments, and much more. With the right content, it is still possible to reach people without having to spend any money. For instance, this post reached 167 people organically, which is actually a lot considering the page only had 201 followers at the time.  

Facebook Marketing Compared to Similar Businesses

On Facebook, we use the “Pages to Watch” section located in the “Insights” tab to see how our clients compare to similar businesses in their area. As you can see in the image from February 28th, Husami Integrative Acupuncture’s page had the highest engagement compared to five other acupuncture clinics in San Diego, including one that had almost 5x’s more followers.


Instagram Marketing


We began Instagram marketing for Husami Integrative Acupuncture on March 6, 2017 when the account had 126 followers and the top photo had 25 likes. 
By the end of the month, we had increased followers by 338% to 552 followers; and the top image received 194 likes (+676%). The account has continued to see a steady increase of followers and engagement, and as of May 31st, it had 925 followers. 
If you want to learn more about our Instagram strategy, check out our blog on 7 Ways to Use Instagram for Your Small Business, or our Instagram case study for Refill cafe. 


Other Digital Marketing Services

Facebook and Instagram are just a slice of the digital marketing pie. Over the past four months, we’ve also been optimizing for search engines, including writing two blogs per month to help the acupuncture clinic rank for important keywords when people search for related services in the San Diego area. You can learn more about SEO strategies for small businesses here
We also added calls-to-action (CTA’s) on each page of the website to help encourage phone calls and created a Google My Business page so Husami Integrative Acupuncture can show up in local searches and on Google Maps. 
A strong digital presence across multiple platforms has helped Husami Integrative Acupuncture increase their client base and get more appointments every month.

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